Zack The Pirate

This is a broad coverage of my lifestyle. I am a college dude from the USA. I post everything I think is cool. If you like my posts then follow me because were probably a lot alike.

Thug Life

This THING that was at a park I visited. Thought it was neat!

The Offsets, Farmington, MO. Took a day trip here with some friends to jump off cliffs that reach almost 70 feet in certain areas, did a lot of swimming and chilling out, was a great day!

Another round of Bella! We visited some friends retrievers and took a walk down the Katy Trail. In the Car she insisted that she sit on Alie’s lap, then she curled up and slept all evening when we got home.

kenzie-sweetpea asked: This is your friendly brand new follower just saying that i like your blog:)

Thank you!! I’ll be sure to check your’s out as soon as I finish messaging you back right now lol.  =]

Anonymous asked: Give loves to Bella for me! She's absolutely gorgeous! And it looks like you're giving her a wonderful life with lots of adventures, too:)

Thank you, that is very kind of you to say!! I absolutely love her and take her on many adventures! She’s awesome!